Michael Johnson is currently waiting to hear back on an appeal for his case. Read the amicus brief (detailing yet more reasons how the US justice system works to cage young queers of color) filed with the court here.



At 23 years old, in July 2015, Michael Johnson received a sentence of 30 and a half years in prison for allegedly transmitting and “exposing” others to HIV. He’s now confined in Missouri, far from his family in Indiana.

Johnson has just begun the years-long process of appealing his case using a public defender (he can’t afford a private attorney), while we, a coalition of activists out of the Bay Area in California organize for his freedom.

Michael asked that we include this message:

Help share the message about Michael Johnson’s story by telling your friends and family what the criminalization of HIV can do to negatively impact someone’s life and community. Help us get to our goal of decriminalizing HIV in the US and around the world.

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